Extra samples

A bilingual voice talent who also speaks fluent German and can play with accents !

So if you want a French accent in English or in German

Or if you need a spoken voice on your music…

Or a non native but fluent voice in German

Or an English accent in French…

This is also possible!

  1. Un mot sur tes lèvres PROHOM 0:46 download
  2. IVS French-German 0:39 download
  3. German Narration 0:30 download
  4. German – girl next door 0:10 download
  5. German E-Learning 0:23 download
  6. French with English accent (voice track) 0:21 download
  7. English with French accent 0:13 download
  8. French - English for language course 0:12 download