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Voice talent

I was born in France and raised in a bilingual environment with an Australian mother. So French and English are my two native languages I speak and write fluently.

Since 2008, I offer my services as an English (UK accent) and French voice talent specialised in narration, commentary and voice over.

I can record all types of bilingual recordings for your audiovisual needs.

  • Corporate – Image films
  • Documentary
  • E-Learning
  • Smartphone Apps
  • Telephone Prompts – Interactive Vocal Servers (IVS)
  • Podcast – Enterprise Radio
  • TV Magazine
  • Audio books
  • Audio guides…

Fully equipped Home Studio: acoustic insulation in my cabin and SHURE PG42 Microphone

Raw recordings and clean-cut delivery.

Extras on request: video synchronisation, indexation, file splitting…

Delivery via Email, WeTransfer or FTP in the format of your choice: WAV, MP3, AIFF …

Please contact me for further information, a custom demo or a quotation request.

Editorial Service

For your audiovisual projects, I also offer a range of editorial services, except translations which I do not do anymore. If you require a translation in English or French, please let me know so that I can put you in contact with translators.


If you are not satisfied with a translation, you can let me proofread it to check spelling, grammarand syntax; check whether the original version, style and linguistic register have been respected. And if necessary, adapt the text to sub-titles or voice over. Don’t forget to provide both versions of the text (original document and translation).

Text adaptation for voice recording

Translating for sub-titles or for a voice recording isn’t the same thing. I offer this service when a translated text is not adapted to its final use or when I am given a text to record which does not respect time codes or natural flow. Adapting a text for it to fit into a specific time frame often requires reformulation… but sometimes, it is simply not possible! Phonetics must also be taken into consideration as our brain doesn’t react the same way when we read or hear a word. Are the sounds of this sentence correct when you hear it?

Writing consultancy

If you need an objective point of view on a text you are writing, if you are having difficulties with terminology, getting an idea through or if you simply can’t get the job done, I can make suggestions on specific paragraphs, rewrite part of the text or even finish your job, always respecting the linguistic register and general style of the document.

Audio transcriptions

If the translation you need is based on a video or an audio file, you’ll need to have it transcribed before it can be translated. Thanks to my practical set up, I can offer this cost-effective service by using top-notch speakers and 2 screens: one for playing the file, the other for typing. Transcriptions are possible in both languages.

For further information, don’t hesitate to contact me.

How to proceed

How much does a recording cost?

The price of a recording varies according to various criteria (duration, language, audience, broadcast…). The price can be a package, per minute or per word. Please fill me in with as much information as possible so that I can give you my best quote.

What does the service include ?

When you order a recording, the full service includes : raw recording in my fully equipped Home Studio, editing and delivery in the format you wish (MP3, WAV, AIFF…). In addition, I can also offer services such a video synchronisation, file-splitting and indexation.

What does the voice talent need to fulfil a recording order?

Once we have agreed on the price, I need the following elements to proceed to the recording: the text, possible example of the style and tone you want, the important words or sentences to highlight and the recording details (Khz, bits, format…)

Who pays for retakes?

If a word or a short sentence doesn’t meet your expectations, provided you filled me in with clear indications before recording, I re-record the unsatisfactory extract free of charge. If the retake is due to a text modification, this one will be charged.

Please contact me further information, a custom demo or a quotation request.